At Regal Diamond Products Corp. we hold these truths to be self evident, not all grinding wheels are created equal.

We realize that focusing on performance while utilizing only the best available resources and processes to produce our industry leading line of superabrasive Grinding Wheels, Tools and Compounds will do more than satisfy… they’ll surpass all metrics.

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The selection of the crystal is determined by the material/application of the environment. When available the extreme hardness and thermal conductivity of the diamond makes it a natural choice, even when it's synthetic.


While CBN has only 64 percent the hardness of diamond it remains substantially harder than conventional abrasives. Couple that with the increased stability at higher temertaures and the lack of reaction to a metal group due to the boron nitrogen bonds vs the carbon-carbon bonds in diamond, CBN is the immediate choice of abrassive when diamond is not selected.


True, the crystal remains the workhorse of the wheel but without the proper marriage of bond, it's like a shovel head without the handle.