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Regal Diamond Products Corp. has been a leader in the superabrasive industry since it's founding in 1958. As a market leader we have provided solutions for environments as industries have evolved. True, we weren't present when God created the diamond, but Regal Diamond Products has been involved with the grinding industry dating back to the development of CBN. In fact, Regal Diamond Products was a front-runner incorporating the superabrasive CBN into a large number of applications allowing a number of businesses to take advantage of the benefits resulting in their own success in becoming market leaders. Going beyond the huge milestone of CBN, Regal Diamond Products has been on the leading edge of every development within the family of "bonds" that have resulted over the span of 50 plus years. As such, we've enjoyed helping our customers leverage our experience and expertise into making their products among the best in their respective industries.

Through the years we've witnessed a number of organizations try to "acquire" what we have already experienced and just as many that are recently beginning their journey. Give us a call and allow the experienced team at Regal Diamond Products help in "taking the grind out of grinding."